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Terms and Conditions

§ 1 General

Expat Cuisine offers all-season cooking courses, wine tasting and culinary networking events. All events are carried out under professional supervision at the described locations. The location, number of participants, duration and cost of various events can be found on the website of Expat Cuisine. All prices listed include value-added tax ("VAT", currently 19%), unless specifically stated otherwise.

§ 2 Registration

Registration can occur online, by phone or in writing. Once registered, users are sent a reservation confirmation and bill by email or mail. Receipt of the registration confirmation by the participant binds the registrant to paying the participation fee within 10 days of receiving the bill. If payment is not received by Expat Cuisine within this time-frame, the registration will be counted as non-confirmed and event attendance is no longer possible.

§ 3 Usage Fees

The participation fee must be paid in advance according to the time frame named in § 2 by means of bank transfer to the account provided by Expat Cuisine. Group discounts and frequent customer discounts are possible only by special request.

§ 4 Cancellation and Refunds

(1) Cancellation is possible only by phone, in writing or by email.

(2) Cancellation and withdrawal by the attendee:

Up until three weeks before the event, cancellation is free of charge. After that a cancellation fee of €10 per person is due, unless a replacement is found or a credit voucher for another event is desired. Blank Coupons are exempt from cancellation. Cancellation of personal gift coupons generally results in a €10 cancellation fee per person. In case the participant withdraws 14 days or more before the event, 100% of the participation fee is refunded (less the cancellation fee). If the withdrawal occurs up to 7 days before the event, 50% is refunded (less the cancellation fee). If the withdrawal occurs less than 7 days before the event, no refund is possible. The time-frame is calculated on the basis of the time the cancellation is received by Expat Cuisine.

(3) Event Cancellation by Expat Cuisine:

Expat Cuisine can cancel registered events for important reasons, especially in the case of low participation or attendance i.e. less then 50% of seats taken, in the case of circumstances beyond our control, if the event location is closed or inaccessible, or in the case of illness of the event organizer or instructor. Cancellation will occur as soon as possible once the reason for cancellation is known, except in the case of cancellation due to low participation. In the later case, cancellation will occur at the latest three days before begin of the event. When event cancellation occurs by means of Expat Cuisine, either an alternate event date is offered, or the prepaid amount will be refunded or provided as a coupon for future events.

§ 5 House Rules

The house rules of the various hosts (restaurants, kitchen studios, event locations, wine retailers, etc.) apply and are to be followed. These house rules can be viewed on site by request. Special instructions or updates to the house rules by the host are also to be followed.

§ 6 Image Usage

By agreeing to the terms, participants agree to let Expat Cuisine use photos, films and videos that involve them to advertise Expat Cuisine free of charge. This includes the use in flyers or brochures, our event program, on posters and on our homepage. The usage time-frame is restricted to the maximum permissible by law (see BDSG, updated on Sept. 1st, 2009). Participants are given the opportunity to disagree with the usage of their image/person at the begin of an event. If no clarification on part of the participant occurs, usage consent in the above-mentioned cases is assumed and no further non-consent is possible.

§ 7 Liability

Expat Cuisine assumes liability for material and financial losses, especially in the case of accidents, theft and damages to assets and vehicles, only in the cases of gross negligence or premeditation. In the case of physical or health damage to the participant or in the case of death of the participant, liability is determined by German law.

§ 8 Final Clause

If one or more clauses of these terms and conditions (TAC) are invalid, the validity of the remaining clauses remains untouched. If part of an individual clause is invalid, the rest remains valid. An invalid clause may be replaced by a valid replacement clause that most closely resembles the business purpose of the former invalid clause. In any other cases, German law (BGB and/or HGB) applies.

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