Creative cooking courses for international gourmets


Gourmet pleasures have no physical borders. Other than language, it is the local cuisine that connects us to the tangible side of the new culture.

Long term residents and newcomers to Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Germany's Rhein Main area,  come together in Expat Cuisine to share their passion for cooking and meeting interesting people. Cook and communicate, share meals and stories and enjoy the hospitality of Expat Cuisine.


Whether through the splendor of colorful ingredients of the Mexican Cuisine, the enticing aromas of oriental spices, the wholesomeness of German cooking or the tangy freshness of French coastal fruits de mer, its softly whispered tales gives a voice to the warm welcome extended to expats in the larger Frankfurt area.

Cooking or other expats events - you'll meet people at Expat Cuisine and create your own individual living network.

Here you get in touch with other Frankfurt Expats, newcomers to Rhein Main and meet up in your extended living room. Enjoy the hospitality, share culinary experiences and participate in a variety of interesting theme related activities.

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